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Hi! I’m Dr. Ryan Stegink!

I help physicians get home sooner for what matters most, supporting them with coaching and free resources to help them master their charting and live an intentional life! 

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Ryan Stegink headshot


The Hidden Costs of Unmet Expectations

Do you have expectations about how things will go? At work? At home? Does reality sometimes fail to measure up to what you were expecting? If this applies to you, you are not alone. Tune in to this episode to learn about the hidden costs of unmet expectations. Then,...

Leverage your unique experiences to be a better doctor

Your unique personality and experience matters as you care for others in medicine! Listen in to hear 4 ways you are uniquely suited to connect with your patients and how that can fuel your motivation to practice medicine. Then, if you are a physician or other medical...

How mindset and setting goals help finish charting faster

How do setting goals and mindset work affect charting efficiency? Join me to hear about my journey and how you can finish charting faster while understanding your thoughts and how you are showing up at work. Then, if you are a physician or other medical professional...

Ryan Stegink headshot