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Welcome and Overview

Hello, everyone! I’m Dr. Ryan Stegink, your host, bringing you insights and tools to improve both your medical practice and personal well-being. Today, we are joined by Dr. Sarah Neitzel, a surgical podiatrist and entrepreneur, who will share her experiences in private practice and beyond.

Dr. Sarah Neitzel’s Journey in Medicine

Dr. Neitzel shares her path from medical school to establishing a successful private practice in Washington. Her story highlights the importance of finding one’s ideal professional environment and the challenges and rewards of private practice.

The Importance of Personal and Professional Wellness

Dr. Neitzel emphasizes that effective patient care involves not only medical skills but also personal wellness. She discusses the critical balance between caring for others and self-care, highlighting the often-overlooked aspect of physician wellness.

Designing a Fulfilling Practice

Learn from Dr. Neitzel’s approach to structuring her work to support both her professional goals and personal health. She provides insights into setting boundaries, the necessity of a supportive team, and maintaining a sustainable practice.

Overcoming Burnout in Medicine

Dr. Neitzel and I discuss the systemic issues contributing to physician burnout, including the pressures of healthcare settings and the administrative burdens that detract from patient care. We explore strategies for healthcare professionals to manage stress and avoid burnout.

Key Takeaways

  • Balancing Work and Wellness: Effective management of professional responsibilities with personal well-being is crucial.
  • Structuring Your Practice: Insights on optimizing workflow and patient interaction to enhance job satisfaction and care quality.
  • Navigating Systemic Challenges: Understanding and addressing the broader systemic factors that impact physician burnout.

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